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Fashionable feminine jewelry revives our understanding of women as beautiful and weak field. One of these is a long-forgotten female jewelry brooch. This piece of jewelry, usually a jewel, can be done in the form of clips, pins or buckles, pin up clothing. Typically, brooches made of precious metals: gold, platinum or silver and are often decorated with precious and semiprecious stones. As a rule, they are used as decoration, but can carry a brooch and utilitarian purpose. Melee Express For example, used as a fastener for the handkerchief.

Brooches are one of the leading fashion trends of this season. You can express your imagination and decorate with this jewelry your blouse, dress or bag. Similar jewelry design combination will look stylish. You can combine metals and stones, choose among the many discreet classic or catchy modern designs.

Current fashion trends are allowed to wear colored brooch, regardless of the style of clothing. They can pin as a pendant on a chain or necklace, at the hat, on the bag, on the hair, a scarf or a scarf. Evening dress is appropriate to decorate a gold brooch with diamonds. The product in the form of a flower, located in the neck, draw attention to the person located on the shoulder emphasize the cleavage line.


Often the brooch becomes the main Jewelry Accessory. Perfectly calibrated assorted diamonds instantly delivered This jewelry design opens space for the imagination.

The range of brooches has various sizes. In addition to traditional models for elegant blouses, jackets and dresses, you can choose a larger product, intended for decoration of trousers and skirts, hats, and clutches.

One of the essential female accessories is a scarf. For several seasons fashion ornaments in the form of gold and silver pins can be supplemented by various pendants.

Brooches, hairpins are for fans of classic elegance. This accessory is the perfect addition to the jacket, coat or hat.

Many jewelry inlaid stones. Due to the special mounting inserts, which is carried out entirely by hand, the brooch is not hooked on the fabric, and then wear it comfortable and convenient. Among the models with inserts draw attention fancy brooch with a bright mix of semi-precious stones, which are suitable to the clothing of different colors.

All brooches are neat invisible clasp, which is an organic extension of the product design and does not damage clothing.



Refinement Ages and the modern era of breath is felt when you look at photo jewelry brooches with stones and diamonds. This accessory is now becoming increasingly popular. It is enough to pin this ornament to a jacket or blouse and a strict business suit sparkle with new colors, simultaneously acquiring a particular style. Melee by piece Those are representatives of the fair sex, who want to always keep up with the times, without any change in their own taste, for sure interested in where to buy jewelry brooch flower on her dress. Garment, elegantly emphasizing all the advantages of your figure, coupled with this small detail, will make a lasting impression on the opposite sex. It is no wonder they say, everything is new is the forgotten old. And here, this algorithm works. So do not wait for a friend in the pursuit of beauty before you.

Close the accessory in a duet with monotonous dress is a vintage stylistic decision, which was, is and will be respected at all times. Various models of products, ranging forms of “art deco” and ending with animalistic themes would be really valuable contribution to your perfect image.

Until recently brooches were considered a relic of the past that will remain forever inhabitants grandmother’s casket, but today to buy a piece of jewelry is required to every fashionista. Just a few years ago, the world’s trendsetters like to have thought again and regained the lost ground accessory among the most stylish jewelry and relevant. Thus, brooches got a second life and become even more popular than in the days of our grandmothers, in fact now the women in the city of Kiyev and throughout Ukraine is seeking to buy jewelry for every outfit. Modern brooches designed in order to use them to the owner was able to emphasize your exquisite taste and unique personality.

Therefore, you should buy at least one jewelry brooch that will attract the attention of originality and beauty.

To buy a brooch that will fit your image; you should follow some simple rules:

– Form: brooches exist that depict abstract and symbolic figures (most universal), as well as flowers or animals (old version). Simple jewelry pin or with the stones of the insert is suitable for every day as well as to the business;

– Brooch must contrast with the clothes to stand on it, but it does not allow a conflict of styles. The Melee diamonds supermarket Thus, massive decoration is not fastened to the light flying fabrics and fine pin lost in the rough knitted sweater;

– It is not recommended to wear a brooch on a colorful coat of many colors, such as jewelry may become apparent overkill;

– You should buy a brooch, if you do not like to wear necklaces and chains. Brooch should attract the most attention among the accessories that you put on;

– It is quite possible, if silver and gold brooch is the only jewelry Perfectly calibrated assorted diamonds instantly delivered.

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Polished. Not re-polished. All our diamonds originate from respected diamond mining companies. Not from prior used Jewelry. Not from blood diamonds.

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We know how frustrating it is to have different qualities in the same jewel. If you to reorder diamonds for a previously made jewel, be assured that the second batch will be exactly the same as the first.

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We offer you 100% natural earthed diamonds. All our diamonds are “NO LAB-GROWN” tested with the foremost advanced technologies the industry has.

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