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If you place a high value on diamond jewelry, you'll want to keep it clean on a regular basis to ensure that it remains in pristine condition. Cleaning your jewelry at home on a regular basis will assist to keep it looking as sparkling and appealing as the day you received it.

What you should know is how to clean your diamond jewelry properly. This post will provide an answer to this frequently asked question! Learn more about what you would want to do and what you would not wish to do when cleaning your diamond jewelry at home by continuing to read this article. We at have gathered this information from our customers over the years that purchased Melee Diamonds from us. This section contains all of our best cleaning tips as well as some important general care recommendations. When you read through our top jewelry cleaning and care guidelines, you'll discover everything you need to know about keeping your diamond jewelry safe and protected while also keeping it gleaming.


How to Clean and Care for Diamond Jewelry: 


For those of you who have noticed that your diamond jewelry has become darker or duller, you may easily clean it at home with a little soap and water:


Simple Home Cleaning Methods for Your Jewelry Using Soap and Water.


First: In a bowl, combine warm water and soap to make a solution. Regular dish soap is the most appropriate soap choice for your situation. Dish soap that is free of bleach, which can cause damage to jewelry, as well as moisturizing ingredients, which can leave a film on your jewelry, is recommended.


Secondly: Soak your diamond jewelry for approximately 20 minutes in your bowl of water.


Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently scrub your jewelry after it has been removed from your body.


Clean your jewelry by rinsing it under running water. In order to avoid accidently flushing your jewelry down the drain, make sure to turn off any drains that you are currently holding over.


Dry your jewelry with a soft towel or hang it to dry naturally. 


Using paper towels to dry jewelry is never a good idea since they are too rough and can cause damage to precious metals that are expensive.


Know how often you should use this process to clean your diamond jewelry and how long it should take? Once in 2 months. 


Melee Express recommends cleaning gems that are frequently worn, such as everyday diamond studs or an engagement ring, in your own home. Then, whenever you notice that your jewelry is becoming dull or dark, apply this approach to the pieces that aren't worn as often.


When cleaning your jewelry, PLEASE avoid using harsh chemicals to avoid damaging it.

Individuals may be tempted to clean their jewelry with harsh chemicals from time to time, but we strongly discourage this approach! Precious metals and gemstones are especially sensitive to the effects of harsh chemicals and physical exfoliants, and they are particularly subject to damage.


The chemicals in many common household cleaning solutions, including glass cleaners, window cleaners, and any cleaner containing bleach, are extremely corrosive to jewelry and should be avoided at all costs. We recommend that you avoid cleaning your jewelry with harsh chemicals or abrasive things to avoid accidentally harming your investment piece.


If you are using certain products, you should always remove your jewelry before using them.


Diamond jewelry can get dull or dirty as a result of exposure to dust, debris, and the natural oils of our skin. The residue left behind by many popular skincare and beauty products, on the other hand, can quickly turn it into a soiled surface. Sunscreen, perfume, lotion, and hairspray, for example, can all create an ugly film on your jewelry, making it difficult to wear. Because of this, removing your jewelry completely before using these products will help to avoid your jewelry being too dirty.


Use of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners in the home is not recommended.


Do you want to be sure that the gemstones put in your diamond hoops are protected? If you want to restore their radiance, avoid ultrasonic cleaning.


Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners work by vibrating your jewelry, cleaning it thoroughly. While these gadgets are successful in cleaning jewelry, there is a chance that they will cause harm in the process. As a result of the vibrations produced by these gadgets, the prongs on your jewelry may become dislodged, creating the risk of losing a gemstone.

As a result, while ultrasonic jewelry cleaners may be effective at cleaning your jewelry, we do not recommend using them because of the possibility of injuring it. Using these devices, in our opinion, is simply not worth the danger, especially when it comes to how easily, effectively, and safely you can clean your jewelry using soap and water, as described above.



When you are not wearing your diamond jewelry, keep it in a safe place so that it does not become misplaced, dirty, or otherwise ruined. Keep your jewelry in the same place each time you take it out (such as a jewelry box or the original packaging) can help to keep it safe and clear of dust.


Melee-diamonds are extrememly sensitive and tiny enough to fall out if your jewelry is not well cared. 


Keeping your diamond jewelry on while sleeping or removing it while standing over a sink are two things to avoid.


Remove your diamond earrings and other diamond jewelry with care before going to bed to protect the security and safety of your diamond jewelry collection.

Finally, we recommend that you proceed with caution when doing your bedtime routine in order to avoid losing or damaging your diamond jewelry collection.



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