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With the many horror stories of jewelry stores losing millions of dollars to unethical jewelers selling sub-par melee diamonds, it’s easy for anyone to get ripped off. You certainly do not want to lose your hard-earned money to unscrupulous jewelers who are getting smarter every other day. That’s why you need to do a proper background check before buying melee diamonds from a vendor.

If you’re looking to buy the finest melee diamonds at the best prices, you have to find a trusted dealer to be on the safe side. Unlike buying a diamond ring or a diamond center stone where you can select the 4Cs depending on your preferences, most jewelry stores near me will not give you grading reports for individual melees used. So you’ll rely on the jeweler’s word about the quality of the melee diamonds. That’s why it’s crucial to buy melee diamonds from a trusted dealer like Melee Express.

What are Melee Diamonds?

If you’ve looked at a piece of diamond jewelry, you probably noticed tiny, glittering gems used as accent stones. These small stones, usually weighing less than 0.18 carats are known as melee diamonds. They are embedded in a piece of jewelry to add extra sparkle and shine, making each design special. Melee diamonds are either single cut (have 17 or 18 facets in total) or full cut (have 57 or 58 facets). These tiny diamonds are used in many different ways in the jewelry industry. Jewelry stores use melee diamonds to add a layer of brilliance to pieces of jewelry.

With the many unethical jewelers in the jewelry industry these days, it's extremely difficult to find high-quality melees. In fact, as an average consumer who's not skilled in the trade, it's easy to fall prey to unscrupulous jewelers. At Melee Express, we choose to make a difference by offering the finest melee diamonds that are crafted with meticulous precision for extraordinary brilliance. Exceptional craftsmanship is the hallmark of the diamond melees we offer at Melee Express. Our main goal is to consistently supply finely cut and accurately graded melee diamonds to quality conscious jewelry stores near me and jewelers near me. If you don’t want to find yourself in the hands of unethical jewelers and end up with inferior melees, we invite you to Melee Express.

Melee Express is the most trusted dealer offering the finest, natural melee diamonds at the best prices. For many years, we’ve consistently offered our customers perfectly calibrated, assorted diamond melees, including rounds, princess cuts, and straight baugettes. We've built our reputation on making fine-quality and precisely graded melee diamonds for jewelry stores near me, jewelers near me, Zales jewelry store, and kay jewelry near me. Our success lies in our top-grade diamonds near me, engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, and diamond rings, as well as our commitment to high ethical standards. Whether you’re looking to create one-of-a-kind diamond rings for your customers, start your own jewelry line, or simply want a premier diamond dealer to shop from, Melee Express is your single source.

Why buy Melee Diamonds from Melee Express?

Unmatched craftsmanship

One of the things that make the difference between top-grade diamond melee and inferior melee is polishing. Diamond polishing is an art that only the best-trained gemologists can do. To set our products apart from our competitors' we utilize the best-trained diamond cutters. Our products are the hallmark of true craftsmanship and you can be sure that they’ll add brilliance to your jewelry pieces. Do not take chances when buying diamonds, diamond rings, melees, gold chain, gold teeth, iced jewelry, rapper jewelry, men's wedding bands, gold, watch or promise rings. A random diamond dealer often equals bad polishing quality, chipped pieces, and burned blemishes. Do yourself a favor and buy diamond melee from Melee Express. As a premier diamond melee vendor with a top-notch reputation to uphold, we can't afford to offer our customers inferior products.

Latest technologies

We utilize advanced technologies to screen our diamonds to ensure every single diamond we offer our customers is of the highest quality. Most diamond vendors out there believe that quality does not matter as much in melee diamonds as they are small in size. At Melee Express, we believe just the opposite. Given the important role of melee diamonds in adding sparkle to pieces of jewelry, we know that quality is critical. That’s why we ensure our color and clarity grading standards are up to par. Along with leveraging advanced cutting and grading technologies, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art diamond laboratories where we carry out top-notch polishing.


Unlike most vendors out there, we believe that honesty is everything. From our pricing to grading and the sourcing of diamonds is done transparently. We source our diamonds from respected diamond mining companies—not from blood diamonds. What you see is what you pay. We simply don’t cut corners. This is one of the things that makes us different from our competitors.


At Melee Express, we have what you need. From top-grade melee diamonds to jeulia rings, engagement ring, Zales promise rings, necklaces, target jewelry, and iced jewelry. As the most trusted melee diamonds vendor, we have a massive in-stock inventory available for quality-conscious jewelers near me, online jewelry stores, Pandora store near me, and many other jewelry shops. Nothing can be inconveniencing for a jewelry store like waiting for weeks for your order to be delivered. No matter the quantity of melee diamonds you order, we'll be able to deliver since we have a lot of melee diamonds in stock. This makes the difference between us and the many reliable stores that can't afford a large stock.

All orders are delivered in a timely manner to ensure your jewelry business runs uninterrupted. Many jewelry stores like The Diamond Center, Sears Jewelry, Tiffany and co necklace, Kohls jewelry and many more already rely exclusively on our large inventory volumes for their production needs.


Melee Express is recognized as a premier Melee diamond vendor with many satisfied customers. Our excellent customer reviews on leading consumer reviews platforms prove that we are a reliable vendor. Leading jewelry stores like Zales rings, Jcpenney jewelry, Nordstrom jewelry, and Walmart earrings have trusted us to offer them top-end melee diamonds, pendants, gold chains, calibrated melee, diamond rings, and bangles. You can trust us to offer you 100% natural earthed diamonds at the best prices.


Buying melee diamonds is a significant financial commitment, so you want to be sure that you're dealing with a knowledgeable dealer. You don't want to make the costly mistakes that most jewelers make when buying melees. You want to buy melees from a vendor who knows their products instead of a random salesperson. At Melee Express, we have a team of experienced gemologists who can give you honest advice. We'll gladly answer your diamond questions to help you make the right purchase decision.

Custom designs are possible

Maybe you want customized melee diamonds for making tailored pieces of jewelry. At Melee Express, we can make customized melee diamonds to match your needs. You just need to describe what you need, our certified diamond cutters will get to work, and you’ll have your melees.

Express delivery

Once you place your order, our team will weave everything together to ensure it’s delivered to you on time. As a professional diamond vendor, we understand that timing is crucial for jewelers, jewelry stores, and jewelry shops, so we’ll do everything to deliver on time. Our team checks each order prior to shipment to ensure everything is correct as per your requirements.

We can go on and on about the reasons to buy melee diamonds from a premier vendor like Melee Express. There are many other reasons why we are the best in this industry. We have excellent customer reviews, our track record speaks for itself, our prices are unbeatable and we have the proper certificates. Our assortments, calibration, and packaging are all up to par.

Whether you want to start your own jewelry line or you own a jewelry store and you’re looking for finely cut melee diamonds, we welcome you to Melee Express. We can guarantee you that all our diamonds are ethically sourced and they’re tested with the foremost advanced technologies the industry has, allowing us to provide diamonds of the highest quality. Our unrivaled experience in this industry makes us an ideal partner for diamond stores, best jewelry stores, Zales outlet, and bead stores looking for a high-quality standard.

Your customers deserve to stand out and you have a reputation to uphold. Do yourself and your customers a favor by buying melee diamonds from Melee Express. You can enjoy discounts of up to 10% when you buy our products.

Want to see what some of our customers are saying about the quality of diamonds we offer? Head to our website in the testimonials section and view honest reviews from our customers. If you need any help or information, you can call us on +188882033720.

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Our Sources

Polished. Not re-polished. All our diamonds originate from respected diamond mining companies. Not from prior used Jewelry. Not from blood diamonds.

Our Assortments

We know how frustrating it is to have different qualities in the same jewel. If you to reorder diamonds for a previously made jewel, be assured that the second batch will be exactly the same as the first.

Our Calibration

We are as meticulous as you are. Your settings are perfectly calibrated so are our diamonds. They’ll always fit, guaranteed.

Our Packaging

Each size and for each sub-project is individually packed, and labeled. On the label you’ll have standard; the size, number of stones, color, purity, and carat weight. We will also add any reference information you should need, should you so desire.


We offer you 100% natural earthed diamonds. All our diamonds are “NO LAB-GROWN” tested with the foremost advanced technologies the industry has.

Express Delivery

From our table to your bench. We know how crucial the timing is for the diamond setter or the jeweler to get the jewelry delivered on time. We offer you over night delivery of your melee. We go out of our way, to make your day!