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Jewelry multiformity

By Aaron Chang for

To say or claim that the work of a Jeweler is a piece of cake seems to me difficult to confirm. During your experience in this work you may become aware of unique characters that pass through your jewelry store. Whether they are very hesitant or question the occupation itself. I have been able to deal with almost an entire clientele thanks to my years of experience, and this is what I can say about a crazy day in the life of a Jeweler.

A clear example are those really indecisive customers. Especially those who are about to get engaged to their significant other. They usually come to the Jewelry store with the main doubt of "Will it be the right one for him/her?".

In those moments, you will undoubtedly have to prepare yourself and use all your experience to show him/her all kinds of rings and it seems that there is never enough! Because of its importance, this type of customer can't make up his/her mind... And there's more!

In this post I am going to tell you about my experiences as an experienced Jeweler, answering frequently asked questions that are part of these experiences that I wanted to share with this community. I invite you to know what you can find in a crazy day in the life of a Jeweler.

A Crazy Day in the Life of a Jeweler

A crazy day in the life of a Jeweler: How customers make their visit a moment to remember.

It's totally normal for different customers throughout the day to carry with them doubts and questions about the products I personally sell. And this can be shared by many jewelers with more than 5-10 years of experience and even more. In a crazy day in the life of a Jeweler you can learn more about our occupation as well as experiences that are part of this work.

Do you want to know what a crazy day in jewelry is like? Here are my anecdotes and the funniest questions I've been asked:

Undecided customer

If an undecided customer doesn't come in during the day, it would be very strange! In the occupation of Jewelry you can never miss that customer who does not know what jewel to choose. And it is mainly because they do not know the jewelry process that is carried out, guided by the aesthetics (which is not bad at all).

One of those days, I got a buyer interested in an engagement ring. It had to fulfill the objective of being "Special" as well as brilliant for his beloved. In short, he wanted it to be perfect. He was generally unfamiliar with jewelry and could not decide between one and the other, which in the eyes of other customers might seem totally the same. In the end, the man (after an hour trying to choose from a selection of rings) managed to agree to take the "Heart" ring. Simple, the first one he had chosen. Classic but sparkling.

Questioning the designs

There are customers who find the design "too common". They do not like it, they are not convinced and think that the jewelry displayed does not meet their expectations. In these cases, a very select variety of these customers come to doubt the quality of the jewelry, or even the experience of the jeweler. In the end they make the decision to leave without knowing that this "Simple" Jewelry could achieve refined or classic finishes to their person.

The one who stares at the Jewelry for a long time.

Most probably every jeweler has been amused by those customers who usually go to these stores and stay for a long time "admiring" or watching a special product. To give you a context, a beautiful lady came to the jewelry store; she was not listed as a regular customer so I imagined that it was her first time passing through the jewelry store.

Even though the nice lady only stresses "Be seeing" the truth is that she was staring at a single type of ring, deciding in that long lapse of time whether to buy it or not (Spoiler: Many of them indeed won't buy it, at least on that day) And you can get many more in a single day!

The unconcerned customer

No matter the cut they have, their ornamentation, design or color, this customer usually chooses the first one they come across. Of course he asks his price and concludes with a "Yes, that'll be the one" It's happened to me! And it is extremely pleasant.


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