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Why Melee Diamonds are perfect for Custom Jewelry Design

By PJ and Zoll for

The adage ‘the best things in life come in small packages’ captures the essence of melee diamonds perfectly. Defined as small diamonds of less than 0.2ct, melee diamonds have proven time and time again that weight and size don't matter. Even the smallest melee diamonds weighing 0.001ct can deliver the extra sparkle and perfection. If you’re a jeweler, melee diamonds can take your customization to the next level. You can set on eternity bands, watches, engagement rings, bracelets, men’s wedding bands, and anything else you offer in your jewelry store.

As a private buyer, you can count on melee diamonds to direct all the attention to your sparkling wedding ring, pearl necklace, gold chain, bangle, earrings, or any other ornament that you cherish. Uniquely-customized jewelry can grab anyone’s attention and interest. The smallest millimeter diamonds have the biggest role in jewelry design.

Using Melee Diamonds in Classical Designs

In the channel setting, melee diamonds are set creatively in a row on the band of the ring. You can decorate a small section of the band or the entire band with smaller diamonds set tightly together. To safely secure all the stones, you should get perfectly-sized diamonds from Melee Express that fit tightly into the groove on the band. If you use a center stone on wedding rings, smaller diamonds on the band can direct attention to the larger center stone. But, you can still create the perfect diamond ring without a large center stone using melee diamonds. It is cost-effective and can also enhance the sparkle of your diamond ring with rows of beautiful stones.

If you wish to enhance the visibility of the diamonds on your eternity band, you can design using bar settings. This setting allows you to expose your melee diamonds on two sides with metal bars on the other side, holding the stones in place. For engagement rings or anniversary rings, jewelers can use the elegant three-stone setting by placing three diamonds of the same size tightly together. Or, you can get diamonds of different sizes from Melee Express and set the smallest diamonds on the sides of the center stone to add more sparkle.

Melee diamonds also work perfectly with the pavé setting, which requires the beads or prongs holding the diamonds to be invisible. You can drill holes into the ring and use small millimeter diamonds to fit tightly in the holes with mini-prongs for extra security. With invisible beads or mini-prongs holding the stones, the illusion of a continuous sparkle will draw attention to your diamond ring. Melee diamonds have different color grades. So, you can color-match stones and your wedding band to create an illusion of floating sparkly diamonds.

To make the center stone appear larger, use melee diamonds to create a circle, square, flower, or any other interesting shapes around the center stone. This design is known as the halo setting and is commonly paired with pavé bands to increase the sparkle of the ring. The brightest stones can add extra sparkle if your center stone is less sparkly. You can also cluster smaller melee diamonds around a large center stone to enhance the sparkle and brilliance. Smaller diamonds can also be clustered tightly together to create the impression of a single larger center stone. Melee diamonds also work perfectly with other settings like vintage, bezel, infinity, and flush. Millimeter diamonds of different color grades and shapes allow for unique customization and can make any custom design special.

Melee Diamonds for Custom Jewelry Design

When it comes to custom jewelry design, your creativity can be limited by the size, shape, color, and the cost of the diamonds you’re using for your project. Melee come in different sizes, shapes, and color, which makes it highly suitable, flexible, and easy to use to deliver texture-rich and sparkling masterpieces. They are also more cost-effective with higher profits compared to larger diamonds. But, how do these qualities of melee diamonds make them perfect for custom jewelry design?

Personalized Customization

The perfectly-small size of melee, coupled with color variations, allows for personalization. For instance, you can personalize your ring by combining small diamonds with other colorful stones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds in a three-prong setting. Pairing a colorful gem with Melee Express’ color-perfect diamonds on each side can maximize the sparkle and brilliance to enhance the appearance of your center stone. Customized three-prong setting exploits color contrast to deliver unique personalization. If a client wants a bracelet with the pave setting, you can design with more than three rows of sparklingly melee to deliver richer texture.

Simplified Customization

Melee diamonds can work even with complex design settings. If uniformity is part of your design, access to melee stones of different sizes allows you to select only similar-sized diamonds for your masterpiece. For channel setting, you can get round cut diamonds offered by Melee Express ranging from 0.70-0.75mm to 0.95-1.00mm that will fit perfectly within 1.00mm setting and the bearings cut on the walls. If you are creating cluster rings, you can set tiny diamonds from Melee Express in many different ways to create beautiful textures of light. Many small diamonds in a cluster will increase their shine, sparkle, and beauty, just like a clear night sky with billions of sparkling stars.

Customize with Color Variations

While bigger stones constrict your choices of color, melee diamonds come in different clarity grades like extra white and eye-clean. In the halo setting, you can set Straight Baguettes that gradually fade away or toward the color of the center stone to direct visual interest to the larger center stone. Another option is to add a halo of colored gemstones along with your halo of melee diamonds to enhance the contrast in colors. Creating decorative patterns to add sparkle, brightness, and scintillation in your custom jewelry is also way easier using tiny pieces of melee. There is little you can’t do with tiny melee diamonds.

Use Different Shapes for Sparkle

Melee diamonds are cut in a variety of shapes from round cut to the princess cut, straight baguettes, and many more. For surface prong setting, you will need a perfectly-shaped melee to fit within small shared prongs and the tiny cuts in the surface of the metal. If you are creating anniversary rings with the three-prong setting, you can use princess cut melee diamond on the center and round cut diamonds on the sides to add sparkle. Melee Express offers small diamonds of both shapes.

Mixed-Setting Customization

Tiny pieces of uniquely-shaped melee diamonds allow you to mix different design styles to deliver the customization that you seek. You can use round, brilliant pavé-set diamonds for sparkling one band then combine it with a plain band to create twisted infinity rings. In a bezel-vintage setting, you can set brilliant round diamonds all-around your brand in the bezel style. Melee Express offers a wide range of round cut diamonds from 0.70-0.75mm to 3.50-3.55mm.

Jewelers can also combine two halos by encircling the center stone with two concentric circles of melee diamonds. Another option is to combine one halo of small diamonds with another halo made using colored gemstones to create a double halo setting. Princess cut diamonds allow jewelers to bezel-set diamonds in vintage settings. You can also rely on Melee Express for the best princess cut diamonds ranging from 1.50mm to 3.50mm.

Cost-Effective and Higher Profits

Price matters regardless of the sparkle. Melee diamonds are inexpensive compared to larger diamonds. So, you can get all the pieces you need for your custom designs from Melee Express and save tons of money. If you design jewelry using 0.70-0.75mm round cut diamonds offered by Melee Express with the total carat weight of 2.50ct, it will cost less than using a larger single diamond weighing 2.50ct. Lower costs come with higher profits. It also allows you to use pieces of melee more generously in your customization to achieve the intended result.

Bottom Line

Melee diamonds can work with most designs and allow for unique customization. Combining stones of different shapes and sizes is an effective way to customize your jewelry with a unique texture of light. The different color variations of melee diamonds also for color contrast, but you can personalize your jewelry further by combining with colored gems. Most importantly, using smaller melee allow diamond setters to cut costs and make more profits without compromising the quality, authenticity, and appearance of their jewelry.

About Melee Express

At Melee Express, we are dedicated and focused on supplying jewelers and private buyers with the best and perfectly-cut melee diamonds they need for custom designs. We offer Round Cut Melee Diamonds ranging from 0.70-0.75mm to 3.50-3.55mm and Princess Cut Melee Diamonds ranging from 1.50mm to 3.50mm. Melee Express also offers Straight Baguette Melee Diamonds from 2.25mmX1.75mm to 5.0mmX3.0mm. All our diamonds are either white (G - I) or extra white (D - G) with three clarities – cleanish (Vs1+), eye clean (SI1), and piqué (I1) offered at competitive prices. With Melee Express by your side, you can enjoy the cost benefits and unique customization that melee diamonds has to offer.


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