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Why Melee Diamonds are perfect for Custom Jewelry Design

Why Melee Diamonds are perfect for Custom Jewelry Design

The adage ‘the best things in life come in small packages’ captures the essence of melee diamonds perfectly. Defined as small diamonds of less than 0.2ct, melee diamonds have proven time and time again that weight and size don't matter. Even the smallest

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Melee Diamonds and Jewelry making

Melee Diamonds and Jewelry making

Melee Diamonds are the Small diamonds that are used in the making of Diamond jewelry. The primary purpose of Melee Diamond is to accentuate the beauty and attractiveness of the center stone of a ring.

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Our Sources

Polished. Not re-polished. All our diamonds originate from respected diamond mining companies. Not from prior used Jewelry. Not from blood diamonds.

Our Assortments

We know how frustrating it is to have different qualities in the same jewel. If you to reorder diamonds for a previously made jewel, be assured that the second batch will be exactly the same as the first.

Our Calibration

We are as meticulous as you are. Your settings are perfectly calibrated so are our diamonds. They’ll always fit, guaranteed.

Our Packaging

Each size and for each sub-project is individually packed, and labeled. On the label you’ll have standard; the size, number of stones, color, purity, and carat weight. We will also add any reference information you should need, should you so desire.

Express Delivery

From our table to your bench. We know how crucial the timing is for the diamond setter or the jeweler to get the jewelry delivered on time. We offer you over night delivery of your melee. We go out of our way, to make your day!