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When choosing jewelry with precious, The Melee diamonds supermarket semi-precious or ornamental stone, you intuitively feel the thread linking you. Your hair color, temperament, favorite style of clothes and even the sign of the Zodiac can be crucial in the selection of the next set. It is interesting to discover the fascinating world of gemstones, their history and characteristics.

There is no doubt that now modern technology can produce virtually any gemstone. But the number of natural gems is not more than before. The stones are still appreciated, though not as before. Their value now is more speculative as the value of gold or money. Stones cost as much as we can to convince their value, and as much as we are willing to pay for them. Beyond this value are vanity, greed, self-interest and very little of aesthetic. See what is sold best in jewelry stores: Simple wedding rings, crosses, cheap chains, bracelets, earrings. jewelry function is not the same as before. But few people can admire the noble beauty of natural stones and fine jewelry, created by talented craftsmen of former times.


Today, it is practically impossible to imagine modern woman without jewelry. They emphasize the appearance, style, charm and beauty. The most popular all over the world are the ornaments with inlays. These are particular cut stones with bright and beautiful form. Stones for jewelry can be made in the form of Antique, pear, oval, marquise, heart, and other charming options.

To obtain the proper type of gemstone jewelry Melee by piece requires a special cut. There are many treatment methods that allow you to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and unusual design. Faceted stones for jewelry are called jewelry inserts.

The quality of treatment depends on the jewelry insert and the cost of the finished product. Correctly executed cut will emphasize the color, brightness and brilliance of the stone. Some forms are suitable for large minerals, others – for miniature products. Improperly selected jewelry inserts may lead to the fact that the stone does not look attractive in decoration.


The stones are being natural and synthetic. Natural stones can be mineral or of organic origin. In practice and in the jewelry trade the stones are classified as precious, semi-precious and ornamental stones. The precious stones are stones of mineral origin. They are very solid, transparent: diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires; organic – pearl.

For gemstone the weight unit is carat. It is  equal to 0.2 g. For all other stones units are grams.

Diamond is the hardest stone; diamond cut is called “brilliant”. Perfectly calibrated assorted diamonds instantly delivered Depending on the number of defects diamonds are divided into 8 groups, the most valuable diamonds are from  “pure water”.

Pearl is a gem of organic origin, formed in the shells of sea and river mollusks. Color of pearls is from white to black. The larger grain pearl is, the higher its value.

Semiprecious stones are transparent, colorless or colored stones. The unit of weight is the grams of semi-precious stones.

Ornamental stones are opaque minerals or slightly translucent, inferior in hardness semi-precious stones. Ornamental stones have beautiful patterns and colors, so widely used in the jewelry industry.

In the production of jewelry are used artificial stones, crystals. Some of these are referred to as synthetic. Synthetic emerald has the characteristic features of the natural gem.


For natural gemstone jewelry, there are many different classifications. Specialists in various fields emit mainly the characteristics of stones that are most convenient for carrying out a particular activity.

For you we have prepared a collection of jewelry that can be purchased without leaving home. On our site you can find earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets with precious stones. In our collection you will find jewelry for every taste and wealth. Make a gift to your loved one – give diamond jewelry and remember: diamonds – is forever!

Diamond is one of the most expensive stones. Melee Express Diamond has been for many centuries, is the most popular and most expensive gem. At all times diamond jewelry were among the most pleasant gifts for women.

Giving a diamond is always accompanied by romantic feelings.

The history of diamonds and diamond back thousands of years. However, diamonds are still attract millions of people with its magical beauty. Diamond – a mineral, whose name comes from the Greek word “adamas”, which means – irresistible, indestructible. This is the most durable, expensive, unique stone.

The word “diamond” comes from the French brillant – brilliant. In the manufacture of gold rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry, as a decorating element or core is often used iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow diamond.


In fact, 3D modeling is just a new tool for jewelry designer. However, it does not exempt him from the need to have the skills of artistic vision, knowledge of the properties of precious metals and technology understanding of jewelry manufacturing.

In addition, 3D modeling greatly expands the possibilities for the creation of models. Jeweler designers can continuously vary the forms and elements, with new interesting models.

After all master jeweler polishes the product and the jeweler sets gems.

Computer modeling jewelry has not excluded the work of jeweler designer. It was a good tool in the overall process, where the artistic vision of the designer is not the last. It remains very important element.

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